Estate Liquidation

What is Estate Liquidation?

An estate liquidation is necessary in a variety of cases. Most of these cases involve the need to get rid of possessions in order to downsize. Common scenarios of an estate liquidation include:

  • Downsizing. Some people hire estate liquidators when they are looking to scale down on their possessions. Most of the time, downsizing occurs when senior citizens move into assisted living and are looking to sell their accumulated assortment of objects.
  • Divorce. When people divorce, once shared possessions may not be necessary as both parties look to downsize.
  • Debt. An estate liquidation may be necessary when a person has accumulated a large amount of debt and can’t find another means to pay it off.
  • Death. When a person dies their estate must be liquidated. The executer of the will, or a relative of the deceased, may look to hire an estate liquidator to handle this.

Why Should You Hire Us To Liquidate Your Estate?

We offer different approaches when it comes to estate liquidation. Our liquidators are experts and can tailor specialty packages to best suit your requirements. We accept single and multi-item consignments, larger collections, and partial or entire estates. Our estate sales can be held online or on-site, depending on your personal preference. Our estate sales and items are expertly marketed through multiple online platforms and social media channels in order to provide you with the best profit possible.

We understand that some estate liquidations are personal and may be hard to go through with. Our experts will be with you every step of the way from pre-sale to post-sale.

If you are in need of an estate liquidation, no matter what kind, call or email us. A no obligation consultation is completely free and we are able to meet you in your home or office, or at our facility in Richmond.

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